Trade mark renewal process

Upon registering your trade mark, your protection will last for a period of 10 years from the date in which it was filed.

How to renew your trade mark

If you filed your trade mark application independently, you will receive notification from the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) sent directly to the address of the owner as stated on the register. If a representative filed an application on your behalf, the notice for renewal will be sent directly to your representatives who should notify you. This notification is usually sent out approximately 3-6 months before your renewal date. If you are unsure as to your date of filing, you can easily find this on the UKIPO website by searching your trade mark number.

Once you have confirmed your trade mark is due for renewal, you or your representatives will need to file a renewal application. A renewal application (also known as a TM11 form) can be obtained from the UKIPO and carries a fee of £200 for the first class of goods and/or services your trade mark is filed in with an additional £50 for each extra class of goods or services you wish to renew. The TM11 form should be filed with the UKIPO either online or via post.

Once you have submitted the application and it is successful, the UKIPO will send you a renewal certificate which will confirm that your mark has been renewed for a further 10 years.

If your renewal application is submitted after the expiry date, you can still apply to renew the mark within 6 months of its expiry date. Please note however that this will come at an additional cost of £50.

If you have failed to renew within the 6 months of your marks expiry, the mark may be restored if you can evidence significant reasons as to why it had not been renewed before. If the UKIPO are not satisfied with your reasons, the application will be removed from the register. In this instance, you would be required to start your trade mark application again.

Remember – a trade mark can last a lifetime as long as you remember to renew!

If you need any assistance with your renewal, or have any questions relating to trade marks, contact the Trademarkroom where we will be happy to assist you.

Sena Tokel

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