Sony have already filed trade mark applications for PS6-PS10.

As gamers around the world are patiently waiting for the release of the PlayStation5 (PS5), Sony are already five steps ahead, having filed to trade mark PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and finally PS10. The PS5 is set to release later this year, however Sony’s move to file trade marks for the PlayStation’s to follow has the company covered for the upcoming 20-30 years, bearing in mind they release an updated console around every five years or so. An exact date or price is yet to be revealed by Sony, however, most anticipate it will arrive sometime in November, ahead of Christmas.

Sony’s decision to file the trade marks clearly demonstrates a long-term strategy, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that the future consoles are certain to be released. Sony are simply saving the names, just in case they plan on pursuing the production of their consoles. It remains highly unlikely that any other business or company would even try to use the PS names, however Sony are not willing to take any risks, even if they are minor.

This is not the first time the company have filed an early trade mark application, as they trade marked the PS4, currently the latest release, seven years prior to launching the product. The next release is that of the PS5, which was trade marked back in 2006. Although the launch of the consoles to follow is not yet confirmed, it is for certain that if they are released, it will be from Sony and Sony only.

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