Ivanka Trump’s trade mark applications were fast-tracked in China after Trump election.

Last year, the Chinese Government granted a total of 41 trade marks to companies which hold strong links to Ivanka Trump, and those were reported to be granted 40% faster than the ones which she requested prior to Trump’s election win. Further information also insists that after the President’s eldest daughter met with the minister of Japan, his country approved three separate trade marks, in relation to her business, in a third of the time as opposed to prior their meeting.

Back in 2018, China also granted 18 trade marks which held links to both the President and his daughter, in the short timeframe of two months. Provisional approval was also granted in October alone for 16 of Ivanka’s trade mark applications, in relation to her business brands including fashion wear, handbags, sunglasses and jewellery. The latter application was filed back in 2016, whilst a trade mark for child care centres and wedding dresses received preliminary approval in 2019, after their filing back in 2017.

In other news, being the President’s daughter also holds other benefits, as in her memoir Ivanka insisted that she had paid full price for a two-bedroom apartment in Trump’s building in New York. However, later on documents were found to suggest otherwise, showing a $1 million discount, in comparison to the original price which has been paid by other tenants and buyers.

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