Beware: IP trolls lurk everywhere

There is no hiding from scammers or trolls, even when it comes to filing your IP.

Intellectual Property trolls have been in existence for a long time and can catch you out when you least expect it.

Therefore, we always advise our Clients to never trust anything unless we have given it the thumbs up.

The biggest problem trade mark owners face is scam invoices. In many countries, application details are published online as soon as a trade mark is filed therefore scammers can take this information and try and take advantage.

The most common way is by sending an invoice posing as the Intellectual Property Office asking for more filing fees. If you are using trade mark representatives, such as the Trademarkroom, all official communication should come to them so the first red flag comes if you receive anything directly.

Most fees are payable upfront so it would be odd for monies to be owed after the application has been filed, especially very soon after.

If you receive anything you are concerned about – please get in touch with the team for peace of mind.

Another common troll tactic is by registering trade marks, domains or designs in bad faith. They sit waiting with their trade marks until the rightful owners come along. They then try and charge a large ‘ransom’ amount to hand over ownership.

There are ways of pushing back on these scammers so again please do not do anything until you have spoken to the team.

We hope the tide is changing on scammers- we try our best to ensure the world is educated about trade marks to make it as accessible as possible, pushing the scammers out.

The team is waiting to put your mind at rest – get in touch today.

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