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UK Trade Marks

Here at The Trademarkroom we can file your trade marks in the UK quickly and cost effectively.

Filing in the UK means that your brand is protected in the named goods and services. Registering your brand as a trade mark means that you will be able to: 

  • Prevent others from utilising a mark that is substantially similar or identical to that of your own and could cause a level of confusion for the general public
  • Affix the ® symbol next to your brand

Please see the Brexit page for information on UK and EU Filings

UK Trade Mark Registration

The trade mark process in the UK takes approximately three to four months. The first stage of the process is the examination stage. During this stage, the UK Intellectual Property Office will appoint an examiner who will produce a report. This report will detail if there are any issues with the mark itself. Providing they do not have any objections with either the mark or the class specifications, it will then proceed to the publication stage.

This is the second stage of the application process and where your application will be published in the Trade Marks Journal for a two-month period. This allows earlier mark owners to challenge your trade mark application if they believe it conflicts with their earlier rights. If the application is challenged, the registration will be delayed until such time as the Office makes a decision on the opposition. 

If during the two-month window there are no oppositions then your application shall proceed to registration.