Afghanistan Trademark Registration

Are you concerned about protecting your brand identity in Afghanistan? Do you worry that others may use your brand name and harm your business reputation?

With the increasing competition in the market, it’s essential to secure your brand identity and prevent others from using it for their benefit. Without proper trademark registration, your brand name and logo are vulnerable to infringement, dilution, or misrepresentation, leading to legal disputes, loss of revenue, and damage to your business reputation.

Ignoring trademark registration can have severe implications for your business in Afghanistan. It can result in legal battles, loss of market share, and loss of revenue due to counterfeit products or infringement by competitors. Moreover, it can damage your brand reputation and affect customer loyalty, leading to long-term negative effects on your business growth.

You need to protect your brand identity and safeguard your business reputation in Afghanistan by obtaining trademark registration. It will help you secure your brand name, logo, and other intellectual property rights, prevent infringement, and establish legal grounds for legal action if necessary. Moreover, it will give you a competitive edge in the market and enhance your brand recognition and value.


Trade marks in Afghanistan are filed, registered and maintained through Afghanistan Intellectual Property Office .

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Registration Application

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Not all brand names and logos can be a trade mark therefore applications will need to be considered before filing, a note that all applications have a level of risk and we cannot guarantee that they will be successful, all the fees are non-refundable and an application cannot be amended once it has been filed.

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