Waitrose v Asda – who owns ‘essential’?

Many will be familiar with a previous supermarket battle involving a certain insect shaped cake, but this time we have a new battle.

Waitrose have taken aim at Asda over the use of the word ‘essentials’.

Asda has recently announced a new range coming to their supermarket to expand on and replace their existing smart price range, called ‘Just Essentials’. This range has been introduced to combat criticism over food poverty.

However, Waitrose have threatened legal action as they claim this name is too similar to their Essential Waitrose range. They claim as this has been in place since 2009 they have existing rights to use the word ‘Essentials’ and Asda’s moves are likely to cause confusion.

While Waitrose does hold a registered trade mark for the essentials mark, Asda have released a statement to state the word is generic word used by many retailers.

It will be interesting to see if this rumbles on but it does highlight the importance of supermarket competition in a world where the customer is king.

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