UK Intellectual Property Office joins the World Intellectual Property Organisation for Creators

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) is the government body in the UK who maintains the trade mark register, and deals with many matters in respect of other areas of intellectual property.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation is an international equivalent and manages the Madrid system which is an international trade mark filing system, as well as other similar systems for other intellectual property rights.

WIPO for Creators is a partnership created with the Music Rights Awareness Foundation and see to raise awareness of creators rights. Its key aim is to ensure creators are recognised for their work and receive the correct remuneration for this, no matter where they are or what resources they have available to them.

The partnership is in the process of building a platform to do just that. It has been announced that the UKIPO will be the first Member State sponsor. It has also been confirmed that Universal Music group is the first corporate sponsor.

The creative world are eager to see how this platform will work in practise but with backing of massive organisations, it is likely to be a hit.

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