Trademarkroom Success Spotlight: SevenYays

The Trademarkroom has been providing trade mark protection services for over 15 years. In this time, our Clients have achieved amazing success in their chosen areas.

It is important for aspiring business owners to see success while they are working hard to build their own businesses, therefore we would like to shine the spotlight on some of the Trademarkroom’s success stories and delve deeper into the thoughts and story of the brains behind these businesses.

First up is Andrew Staal of SevenYays at who was kind enough to give us an insight on how it all started and what he has learnt so far.

Please tell us about your business and the background on how it all started!

SevenYays is a one-of-a-kind ecommerce gifting business. We make and sell bespoke ‘advent’ style gift calendars to help countdown to a birthday, other special occasion, or just to give someone who needs it, a week of Yays! SevenYays was an idea that our teenage daughter had for a GCSE Business Studies project when she posed the question ‘Why don’t we have advent calendars for birthdays?’. We (Charlotte and Andrew) thought it was a great idea and with spare time on our hands during the first lockdown in 2019 started the research the concept with consumers. The feedback confirmed that Anna’s idea was a good one, and at that point, we incorporated our business, Atlas Four Ltd (Atlas is an anagram of our surname, and there are four family members – Andrew, Charlotte, Anna and Natalie), and started to develop her idea into a product. We launched the business on June 1st 2021 and have since sold over 15,000 SevenYays boxes via our website the majority of which are ‘Create Your Own’ SevenYays where our customers choose their own seven gifts most suited to their recipient. We source our gifts from other UK independent businesses, and focus on product range on gifts which are sustainable and ethically sound. We’ve since gathered nearly 1000 reviews, with an average score of 4.9/5*

Why did you feel filing your brand as a registered trade mark was important enough to make it a priority? 

It took us a while to actually settle on a brand name – we wanted something that was ownable, unique (and therefore we could easily register web domains and social media handles), and importantly conveyed what the product was all about. Seven relates to the number of gifts in each of our calendars, and Yays the feeling of joy that we want recipients of our boxes to feel as they open each door  – whether that’s a daily countdown, or a blitz of all the doors at once! (We encourage the former, but find that a lot of recipients just can’t contain themselves!)

Having put the time and effort into creating a name that we thought was ideal, and mindful that the product we were launching was unique and a first, we wanted to ensure that the brand equity we planned on developing was protected and we saw trademarking as a logical step in that process.

Did you have any goals when it came to trade mark protection?

We saw trade marking our brand primarily as a means to convey professionalism and to protect the business against future imitators, or competitors wanting to take advantage of the goodwill we expected to build amongst our customer base on the back of a high quality product and exceptional level of customer service. There is only one SevenYays!

What did you learn during the application process?

We learned about the difference between trademarking a word versus a device, and the importance of various trademark classes. The latter was particularly important as it required us to speculate about the future development of the business into categories that we saw as relevant to include in our application.

How did the Trademarkroom help you with the process?

Trademarkroom were fab from day one, both in explaining the process, the areas we needed to consider, and then in their delivery of a fully compliant trademark for our business that met our needs. They’ve gone on to help us in other areas of intellectual property protection including the registration of our designs and patent application. They are great guys to work with, experts in their field, pragmatic and represent great value for a start up business such as SevenYays.

Do you have any advice for fellow business owners when it comes to trade marks?

I think taking a holistic view about your brand and it’s ‘protectability’ across different areas very early on in the process is important. For example, if you are an ecommerce business like us, having a great name that’s trademarkable in your desired classes is great, but less so if someone has already got the web domain or social handles registered (and vice versa of course). Also, as a start up, there is an endless list of things to do – knowing which things to invest in some external help with is a key skill to develop – trademarking is one that we put in that category and we were very happy to find Trademarkroom to help us achieve that.

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