Trade Mark Search: Why is it so important?

Trade Mark searches are a recommended step. This gives you a heads up as to how your application will be received by the Intellectual Property Office before you take the plunge.
New businesses have a problem with reputation and goodwill as opposed to fully established businesses.

This is an issue if you are faced with brand ‘copy-cats’ as you have not established unregistered rights. As a result, it is best advised that you register your brand before going out into the industry. This will minimise the risk of coming across an identical or highly similar mark.

In order to register your brand you need to apply for a trade mark application. This needs to be executed properly in order to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

Here at the Trademarkroom we can offer a very basic free UK and EU trade mark search which will highlight any identical trade marks which are registered in identical goods and services.

Alternatively, we do offer an advanced search report which has a fee of £100.00 plus VAT and is the recommended option.

The advanced search is far more extensive than the basic because we search the following:

  • All similar and identical marks in the UK/EU trade mark registry, all of which may have grounds to block your trade mark application;
  • Companies House check;
  • Internet search;
  • Domain Search; and
  • Prepare a report and evidence of our findings.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of your application but this will give you the best possible change and an insight into how your application will be received by the Intellectual Property Office.

Do not hesitate to contact the Trademarkroom team today if you would like us to carry out a search on your Mark today.

Anna Orchard

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