The death of the Blackberry: the demise of a mega brand

Anyone of a certain age will have a sad today as today is the day where the company’s software will stop working completely.

A staple of the 2000’s, the it-phone lacked a lot of the current must have features, including apps, touchscreen, an inbuilt battery and high quality camera. However, it was an extremely popular handset.

The Blackberry phone ceased production in 2016 but before that was a mega brand that everyone who was anyone had. The phone came in a wide range of colours and features unique features.

The most unique feature at the time was its in-built chat feature where people could connect through the use of a ‘pin’.

Blackberry are a clear example of how technology can kill a popular brand. The blackberry handset could not keep up with the newbies Apple and Samsung and therefore stopped dead in their tracks when the touchscreen technology took over.

This is a reminder to all to ensure your brand continues to develop and doesn’t get left behind. If you want to discuss your brand, get in touch with the Trademarkroom team today.

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