Tesco has bought the Paperchase brand but not its shop after the retailer enters into administration.


Tesco has purchased the brand and Intellectual property subsequently after the chain fell into administration. The purchase deal did not include Paperchase’s 106 stores, which means that these stores are now in risk of closure, placing a numerous employees jobs at risk.

Paperchase appointed administrators from a corporate rescue and recovery practice, Begbies Traynor, to guide the insolvency process of the company. Even though Paperchase previously attempted to sell the brand and stated that a number of buyers were interested, nevertheless they decided to appoint administrators after ‘no viable offers were received for the company’.

Paperchase was one of many brands that has been struggling financially due to rising costs and falling sales. The brand was bought out of administration back in 2021 with a rescue deal which led to the loss of approximately 500 jobs. Nevertheless, Paperchase was sold again in August 2022 to a private investment firm led by the retail investor Steve Curtis.

Where will the Paperchase’s goods be sold now? Tesco has decided that the brands goods will be sold in Tesco stores across the UK.

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