‘Squid Game’ creators seek widespread trade mark protection for smash hit

Following its massive success, Netflix, the creators of ‘Squid Game’, have filed a wide-reaching trade mark application in over 20 countries.

A tactic used by many creators of shows or movies, this application has been filed for a wide range of goods, from oven mitts to mouse pads. This allows a company to offer a wide range of merchandise for its fans and also stop copycats from using the reputation of the show to sell fake merchandise.

Netflix here has chosen to protect the logo for the show in countries across the globe including the EU, Canada, Peru and the Republic of Korea.

They have chosen to file this application through the Madrid system. Governed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the Madrid system allows a person to file in as many of the over 200 signatory countries as it wishes via one application, rather than the need to file all application separately.

The Madrid application can be an excellent ‘one stop shop’ tool for those trade mark owners who have an existing application or registration they wish to use as the base, and want to expand in some of the key countries across the world.

If you wish to expand your trade mark protection, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss this further.

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