Spotify takes action against Potify and wins

Music streaming giant has successfully blocked the use of the name ‘Potify’.

A US cannabis dispensary software company has tried to submit a trade mark application for the name ‘Potify’ for the following:

‘downloadable software for use in searching, creating and making compilations, rankings, ratings, reviews, referrals and recommendations relating to medical marijuana dispensaries and doctor’s offices and displaying and sharing a user’s location and finding, locating, and interacting with other users and place’

Spotify took action against the application and claimed that not only is the word mark extremely similar to their famous mark but the branding put forward is also confusingly similar and the association could cause reputational damage.

The US Trade Mark Office agreed with Spotify and have refused the application.

This serves as another reminder to ensure your mark is unique and not substantially similar to any existing registered trade marks.

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