Protect your work in China with Copyright

In China, copyrighted work can be registered at the Chinese Copyright Office. Although copyright in most countries is automatically generated once the work is created and fixed on tangible medium in accordance with the Berne Convention (1886), copyright certificates can be served as fundamental evidence of copyright ownership when confronting with contentious issues, such as bringing cases to court or stopping online infringement. For example, for those original work which has been applied as business logo, design or packaging but failed to be protected by trade mark right or are in the process of trade mark application, its copyright certificate can be a supplementary to claim copyright protection in a more efficient way.

The information for copyright registration includes the name of the work; the categories of the work; the name of the author, copyright owner; publishing status, completion date and registration date of the work. In general, works category under copyright protection is classified as literature such as books, poems, articles, plays and scripts; art work such as drawings, designs, illustration, photography, paintings and sculptures; musicals such as songs and sounds and lyrics; dramatic works such as videos, film and TV; software such as Apps, databases and digital content; logos, designs and packaging, etc.   

The certificate will be issued by the authority within 30 working days after your application is accepted and full information required is provided. Government fees are changeable depending on the nature of your work in terms of the categories your work is classified according to the Berne Convention, but maximum to 250 pounds per work. If you are interested in copyright registration, please feel free to contact our team for any query.

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