Olly Murs has trade marked his name and has plans to bring out cooking utensil collection.

Olly Murs has become a household name after his regular appearance as a presenter, on the X-factor, followed by a successful musical career. However, after his recent trade mark filing with the UKIPO, Olly appears keen to expand his career outside of music. The classes of goods under which the star filed to trade mark his name did not only include kitchen utensils but also jewellery, clothing, shoes, books, magazines and more.

Despite Murs’ undeniable success, which has made him a multimillionaire, the star appears to act very humble and even pays himself a salary in order to avoid spending large sums of his money. His trade mark, if approved, will enable him to bring out products or services in the listed classes of goods, which will enable for the strengthening of his brand, and will also prevent any opposition from taking his name and using it in the same sector, should they try.

The trade mark will also ensure Olly can take legal action against anyone using the name without authority, including counterfeits. Although the star has made sure to trade mark his name in all different classes of goods, it does not necessarily mean he will be bringing out any products on services in all classes, but instead it could be used for self-protection or indeed for potential future plans or brand deals.

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Lora Krasteva

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