Nikes recent Trade Mark Battle with Warren Lotas

Nike is suing LA Streetwear brand ‘Warren Lotas’ over high resemblance of their shoe design
One of the most dominant shoe brands just filed a lawsuit for trade mark infringement against LA-based brand Warren Lotas. The suit was filed on Wednesday night and implies the potential infringement of their ‘Dunk sneakers’, as the streetwear company’s shoes bear a large resemblance. As per Nike’s claim, the brand insists that Warren Lotas’ shoe is “confusingly similar” to Nike’s world-famous swoosh logo.

Warren Lotas haven’t had their shoes on the market for long and there already appears to be the potential of consumer confusion. As per Nike’s claim, further confusion arises as to whether the shoes are “legitimate customisations or illegal fakes”. Furthermore, the sportswear designer also claimed that Warren Lotas had intentionally caused the confusion, in his aim of profiting from the matter.

Nike are seeking the remedy of damages in order to compensate for Nike’s loss, as well as an injunction which would prevent any future production or sales of the trainers in question. The designs appear highly similar, thus it is likely the remedies could be granted. Be sure to stay tuned on our blog for any further updates on the Court’s response to the matter.

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Lora Krasteva

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