New Sony trade mark has left fans with speculations over the new PS5

A new Sony trade mark has just been revealed and has encouraged speculations ahead of the release of the PlayStation 5, which is set to drop in the upcoming month. A trade mark was filed with the European Intellectual Property Office and bears the name “Soho Engine”. Unfortunately, the latter does not present a great level of detail, thus only leaving fans with room for speculation.

Many suspect that the mark could be in relation to backward compatibility with Sony’s previous releases including the PS3, PS2 and the PS1. Other speculations include that the mark could refer to a possible new Virtual Reality engine, however opposing opinions suggest the latter is a niche concept, which is very expensive and challenging to create, thus appears unlikely.

 Sony have not expressed any intention of creating this either, however that doesn’t mean it will never be achieved. It is unlikely we will find out what the trade mark and patent entail, however, it won’t be long before it is announced, if the product or feature is definitely a go-ahead.

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