New Balance & Jaden Smith Shoe collaboration sued over allegations of trade mark infringement.

Jaden Smith’s shoe collaboration with New Balance was on its road to success, however that was put on pause after it received allegations of trade mark infringement from the Authentic Brand Group LLC (ABG). The complaint was filed this week, with claims that that the collaboration appears to be misleading consumers that it holds connections to ABG’s Vision Streetwear brand.

As the trainer carries the name Vision Racer, ABG have argued that they have secured the “Vision” and “Vision Streetwear” marks and have been continuously releasing products with that branding since 1986. Furthermore, the ABG brand also insist that on top of trade mark infringement allegations, the sale of the product in question can also be considered as a higher standard of counterfeiting by intentionally using the marks that are “substantially indistinguishable” from Vision Streetwear’s trade mark.

ABG are seeking damages of up to $2 million from the profits of the shoe sales , injunctive relief and other remedies. The company are also seeking to prevent New Balance from advertising the mark in question. Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog for any further updates on this matter.

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