Meghan Markle’s application to trademark the work “Archetypes” was rejected.


In 2022 Meghan Markle publicised her new podcast Archetypes, in which it was announced that the podcast’s aim was to “dissect, explore, and subvert the labels that try to hold women back”. The podcast episodes were aired weekly from the August. In which production was essentially a success, as it received a People’s Choice Award.

Subsequently, Archewell Audio (her team) filled a trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, in January 2023 the application was rejected on the basis that the proposed registration would likelihood of confusion with a mark that was already registered. It was further added that the word “Archetypes” was similar and undistinguishable in “appearance, sound, and meaning” to a mark that was registered by Project Miracle IP Holdings in May 2018.

It was explained that Archewell Audio filled the trademark application with the intention to stop other from using the services that was connected to the podcasts, audio, on-demand streaming and so on.

Nevertheless, Meghan and Archewell Audio still has up until April 2023 to decide whether they would like resume with their application, extend it or drop the application.

 Nevertheless, what could this mean for Meghan Markle’s production team?

Meghan Markle’s team has a number of options, and some are:

  • they could potentially proceed with the same podcast name and could file a “standard response” to the rejected application.
  • The production team could simply carry on their production without a US official trademark registration.
  • They could also propose to purchase the IP rights from the existing trademark proprietor.

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