Lizzo has been granted a trademark over her popular lyric from her 2017 song “Truth Hurts”.


The ever so famous American singer, Lizzo, known by her hit songs like “good as hell”, “Truth Hurts” and “Juice” has won her trademark application to use the phrase “100% that B****” which was a known lyric from her 2017 song, “Truth Hurts”.

Key facts

The US Patent and Trademark Office initially asserted that the phrase was not unique and distinctive enough to merit her the exclusive right to use the phrase. The artists application was originally rejected in 2021. In which the attorney claimed that the phrase was “a message of self-confidence and female empowerment” and individuals may associate it with Lizzo but nevertheless this does not entitle Lizzo as a singer-songwriter to possess exclusive rights and use of the phrase. 

Additionally, her application was again unsuccessful in 2020 as it was found to be a “common expression”.

Nevertheless, after Lizzo’s huge efforts the courts finally decided that the phrase was unquestionably linked to her, in which the court overruled their original decision and officially granted her a trademark for the phrase.

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