Domain names vs Trade Marks?

Domains and trade marks easily get confused. There is also a difficulty in deciding which ones should be applied for first.
When starting a new business there is no need to rush and get everything done on the same day.

You need to ensure that you are prioritising intellectual property when looking to protect the brand you are creating. There is difficulty in understanding what needs to come first: domains or trade marks.

A domain allows people to access and find your brand online. As the world slowly becomes more reliant on online platforms and software, it is ever more important that your brand is easily accessible to customers.

However, it is equally important to quickly protect your brand using a trade mark. This prevents similar or identical marks being used which could cause confusion to your customers or, even worse, damage the reputation of your brand.

In the ideal world, both your registered domain and your trade mark will coincide and link in some way to each other. However, there may be issues if the domain is already taken or the trade mark cannot be registered that will hinder this ideal.

In order to understand what domains are available to you to represent your brand, and whether there are any trade marks that could potentially cause a problem to your brand, it is best advised you carry out a search.

This is a service we can run for you with the Trademarkroom, integrated into our trade mark searches.

Please note, a trade mark application will take longer to register than a domain name but once your application is submitted, you have priority to register that mark over any further applications.

If you have any further questions on domains and/or trade mark applications, please do not hesitate to contact the Trademarkroom today.

Anna Orchard

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