Dolly Parton fighting for her name as well as her man in trade mark dispute

Dolly Parton is arguably the most famous country singer of our generation.

You would think that such a level of fame would allow you to register anything you liked as a trade mark. Think again!

A new trade mark application filed with the US Trade Mark Office has put Parton into hot water and on the receiving end of an opposition.

The application in question was for the name ‘Dolly’ in a stylised font, resembling the singers autograph. The mark was filed for goods under class 30, including cookie dough, bakery goods and dessert items.

The application went submitted was opposed by Dolly Madison. Dolly Madison is an American bakery brand owned by Hostess Brands, specialising in baked goods. While the first thought may be that the opposition has no chance, however, Dolly Madison has been trading since 1937 and therefore would have built significant goodwill in the name. The logo of the company isn’t similar to that filed by Parton but there is good chance that consumers will be confused by the two ‘Dolly’ names on the same type of products.

The ball is now in the court of Parton to respond to the opposition. The Trademarkroom team are sure she will have her lawyers working 9 to 5 on her case!

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