Deodorant brand in trade mark battle with Harry and Meghan over ‘Archewell’

A Filipino business owner, Victor Martin Soriano, has found himself in a legal battle with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after filing an application to trade mark the name ‘Archewell Harvatera’ for a brand of natural deodorants.

Soriano filed a trade mark application for the brand name in July 2020 for cosmetics and fragrances. This followed the Royal couples’ announcement of the name of their non-profit organisation in April of 2020 as ‘Archewell’, trade marking it in jurisdictions covering the UK, US and EU.

The couples legal representative, Cobblestone Lane LLC, filed an initial opposition against Soriano in November of last year but are yet to file a full opposition argument, as they requested additional time to process all relevant documents.

However, Soriano believes that he will be victorious in the trade mark battle, explaining that ‘Harvatera’ is his ‘own unique word – almost virgin in any world language’. Furthermore, the cosmetic brand owner added that he is the only person who has filed the ‘Archewell’ name for use in cosmetics under Nice Class 3, and the Royal couple had never indicated any intention to use the name for similar goods.

Soriano did state that he would withdraw the Archewell name from his brand if Queen Elizabeth asked him to ‘promptly, no questions asked’. However, is currently ‘willing to fight to the death out of principle’ as he claims he has acted legally and within his rights.

Cobblestone Lane LLC is expected to file full opposition by the 25th of March.

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-Ellie King

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