COVID-19 Update from the Trademarkroom

Update on Trademarkroom measures for COVID-19

Dear clients,

In view of COVID-19 we wanted to alert you about the potential changes in the coming weeks. Here at the Trademarkroom we have been keeping a close eye on the development of COVID-19 and advise the following:

We wish to assure you that we continue to provide high levels of service throughout this uncertain period.

However, as a result of the recent developments, it is best that we now work from the safety of our homes and self isolate in accordance with government recommendations. Due to this, face to face consultations and/or meetings will now be replaced with telephone or email consultations. Please be assured that despite these changes we are committed to our
Clients to maintain court appearances and appointments subject to governments advice.

We will continue to keep you updated of any changes and are still here to assist you should you have any queries at all. For more information contact us on: or alternatively in an emergency situation please ring us on: (+44)0 7976724258

Anna Orchard

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