An Overview of China’s Trademark Classification

China Trademark Classification

Trademark classification is an essential part of trademark registration. The classification of trademark determines the scope of trademark rights and prevents trademark infringement. In China, trademarks are classified into Classes 1 through 45 under the Chinese Classification of Goods and Services.

Class Order refers to the classification order by classes. For example, Class 25 covers cosmetics, toiletries, and laundry. Class 42 covers computer services, including search engines. This classification system allows applications to cover a broad range of goods and services while still covering every possible trademark application with care and precision. As such, understanding Chinese trademark classification is crucial for any company doing business in China or that imports goods from China or exports goods to China. This blog will outline how the Chinese classify goods and services as well as how it impacts trademark registration in the country.

Chinese Classification of Goods and Services

Trademarks are divided into 34 categories and over 200 subcategories in China. These classifications provide a framework for trademark registration and enforcement, helping to ensure proper protection of trademarks.

Different classes of goods and services are classified according to their nature and purpose. Different classes are used for different types of marks, such as those used for food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, medicines, and so on. A trademark must be registered in the proper class for protection. Some trademarks may require additional registration to cover all related goods or services.

For example, a trademark for a product or service must be registered with the appropriate class for that mark to receive trademark protection. In addition to the trademark registration process involving government authorities, intellectual property attorneys should also conduct trademark search and trademark analysis before filing a trademark application.

Class Order List of Goods and Services

The Chinese trademark classification covers a diverse range of goods and services related to chemicals, textiles, clothing, food, transportation and more. The classes 1-34 contain a variety of goods and services related to chemicals. The classes 35-45 cover a variety of services such as advertising, business management, retailing, and more.

The class 46-42 cover education services and entertainment services. Lastly, the classes 43-45 cover hospitality services such as restaurants and hotels. This provides an overview of the Chinese trademark classification system. You can find more detailed information on the website of China’s General Administration for Trademark Affairs (GATA).


The Chinese trademark classification system is divided into 45 classes, each covering a range of goods and services. These classes are organized into seven main categories: food, clothing, vehicles, business services, computer services, and so on. Within each category are a number of subclasses that cover specific products or services.

For example, the class for food includes subclasses for beverages and dairy products. Understanding the Chinese trademark classification system is essential to registering a trademark in China.  If you want to protect your intellectual property rights in China, you must understand the relevant requirements and procedures.


The Chinese Trademark Classification (CTC) is a system used to classify goods and services for the purpose of registering trademarks in China. The CTC divides goods and services into 45 classes, each with its own list of items. Services are divided into 11 classes ranging from advertising and business management to education and entertainment.

Depending on the classification of a particular item, it may require different legal requirements or fees when applying for trademark registration in China. To register a trademark in China, it must fit within one of the CRC’s classifications. A thorough understanding of the CTC is essential for successfully registering a trademark in China.

The Validity of the Trademark

The Chinese trademark classification is a comprehensive list of goods and services that are available for trademark registration in China. The CTC classifies goods and services into two broad categories: Goods and Services. It provides guidance on the validity of trademark applications based on their classification order.

The classification provides detailed information about the types of goods or services that can be protected by a trademark. For example, the CTC categorizes trademarks by application type: whether they are applied for one-by-one, globally, or covering a specific range of goods or services. The classification also outlines criteria for determining whether a trademark is eligible for registration, such as whether it is distinctive and if it can be used in connection with the identified good or service.

In addition, the classification provides information on how to register a trademark in China, including filing requirements and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chinese trade mark search?

A Chinese trade mark search is a tool used to assess the availability of registering a trademark in China. This search will provide you with information about existing similar trademarks and their owners, so you can determine if you are allowed to register the trademark legally without infringing on any other’s rights. Additionally, it will also provide information on the relevant classes and categories in the Chinese trademark classification system. By using this search, businesses can assume that they have an understanding of the trademark landscape in China before investing resources into registering their own trademark.

How do I check a Chinese trademark?

If you are looking to register a trademark in China, it is important to first check if the mark is available for use by conducting a trademark search. Fortunately, the Chinese trademark classification system contains 45 categories of goods and services that can be used as a reference point during your search.

To conduct this search, it is recommended to use the online China Trademark Office database. This database allows you to search trademark applications and registered trademarks in China. It also provides details on their application status and the categorization they have been assigned.

It is possible to apply for international trademarks which protect your trademark in multiple countries, including China. This process requires filing trademark applications with each country’s trademark office and paying the associated fees. Ultimately, conducting a search before registering a trademark in China is important for avoiding infringement lawsuits and protecting your intellectual property rights.

How can I check the status of a Chinese patent?

If you wish to check the status of a Chinese patent, then all you need to do is head over to the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) website. On this website, you can search for patents based on their filing number or the applicant’s name.

Once you find the patent you are looking for, you can view detailed information such as its registration status, owner, and legal status. This can be especially helpful if you are looking to trademark something in China or in a different country.

The CNIPA website also provides helpful resources on Chinese trademark classification, so make sure to take advantage of that if necessary.

What is the name of the Chinese trademark office?

The Chinese trademark office is called the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). The SAMR administers the registration of trademarks in China and handles all related trademark matters such as application and renewal.

Trademarks in China are divided into 45 classes of goods and services according to the Nice Classification system. When submitting an application, applicants must specify the class(es) of goods and/or services that their trademark covers.

Protecting your trademark in China is important because if you do not register your trademark, others may copy or use it without any consequences. Registering your trademark with the SAMR is one of the best ways to protect your intellectual property rights and ensure no one else infringes upon them preventing any identical trademarks.

How do I know if a brand is registered in China?

If you want to check if a brand is registered in China, the first step is to visit the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) website. The CTMO is responsible for registering trademarks in China, and brands can be registered through the CTMO website or by submitting an application form.

Once a trademark is registered, it will appear in the official Chinese Trademark Classification database. To search this database, you can use either the brand’s name or logo to look for its registration status. If the trademark is registered, then you will find information about the trademark owner, class of goods and services under which it was registered, and more.


As seen above, there are more than 700 classifications of goods and services that have been approved by the Chinese government. This classification has been the result of years of feedback from trademark owners and industry experts. The classification is designed to help trademark applicants select a classification for their application as well as to provide a basis for the examiner’s search for prior applications.

Hence, it is essential that you carefully consider your classification when submitting an application for trademark registration in China. If you would like to get a deeper understanding of trademark registration in China, get in touch with our team of trademark registration experts today!

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