British Actor Idris Elba files for new Trade mark

The world known British actor and four-time nominee for Golden Globe Award for best actor, Idris Elba, has recently engaged in a new venture of starting up a skincare business and is already enlarging his skincare range as he files for a new trade mark in the wake of the success of his company.

He and his wife Sabrina launched their initial skincare company known as “S’ABLE Labs” in February of 2022 which included cleansers, toners and moisturisers. Due to the rapid success of the business the actor and his wife are diverging into perfumes cosmetics and after shave balms in the expectation that the business will grow exponentially.

Idris explained his love for skincare started due to the multiple hours ‘sitting in the makeup chair and putting it on’. Taking care of your skin is not only hygienically significant but also makes you feel clean, healthier and younger.

Idris made applications to the Intellectual Property Office under his top UK firm, IE7 Holdings Limited through which he also runs a performing arts firm, clothing company and music business. Their trade marks are set to run across two classes of goods and several products.

Under the first application the class of goods includes: aftershaves, soaps, cosmetics, make up removers, mascara, lipstick, lip pencils and liners, eye brow fixer, body powders,  anti-wrinkle creams, bubble bath, bath gel, facial creams, skin-rejuvenation creams, skin soothing masks, sun care and sun-tanning preparations, as well as hair removal and having preparations.

The second class of goods relates more to the medicinal aspect of skincare and includes: medicated preparations, serums, dermatological and pharmaceutical preparations for skin care, medicated acne preparations, nutritional supplements, body hydration; plus prevention and treatment of hair-loss, and treatment for the skin and the metabolism against the effects of fatigue or stress.

Both applications have been approved by the Intellectual Property Office and this protects the company from other people using his trade mark in the course of trade.

Bu Zohaib Tahir, an LLM student at Solent University

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